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What will happen to all my cards, coins and fifa points from ut 14, r they gonna be transfered or there any kind of compensation. So the IF James Rodriguez 84 will be like the normal card? If the normal card upgrade 1. Nice name! Portugal or Brasil? Continue com o bom trabalho!

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It is coming… There are a couple of new cards available in the market. Matri, for example. Hi Rodrigo I wanted to ask whether the prices of players will decrease after the release of upgrade cards??? Hi, Michel Bastos was not in fifa because he played for some asian club, but now that he plays for AS Roma, will he then come to fifa and fifa ultimate team? And if yes, when? Only players that started the season on a licensed club can have a card.

Bastos is not on EA database. There are many transfers cards on the market. Check them HERE. There is no Bastos on FUT Go to the market and try to find him. Be careful with those websites.

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What is going to happen with the players that transferred on the 31st of January? As for Totti he has been such a beast! Pjanic has been wanted be so many amazing clubs so I think he will get an upgrade, but come on 78 rated? Sasha: we are not EA, so you are offending us. In fact, we agree with you. Maicon is probably the best example. How many upgraded cards do EA usually release, and do they usually upgrade higher rated cards such as Suarez who is 86?

Those are good questions. I think we could expect something similar this year.

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They usually upgrade only according to their outstanding performances. Oh…sorry about that. Already fixed: 14th Friday — estimated date. It may be different Thank you.. The only thing you can keep is your FC credits, your club name and your level XP. They already are in packs.

You can see the complete list HERE. And 68 other players. At the end of the month, probably February 28th, there will be a new small batch with new upgrade cards. When does the 2nd part of the winter transferplayer released? Gives it a 3th or 4th part too?

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Are they going to realease the rest of the upgrades today or was that all? And do tou have any idea which hihg rated players will get an update? For instance Modric? I have no idea which players will be upgraded. Hi, Will the End of February upgrades be the same, such as if you have an IF version of a player that gets upgraded you get that IF card upgraded?

I need to know if to invest him.. When will the MLS tournament be released and which other tournaments will there be? How come there are no motm cards this year? We believe that MOTM cards will be released in the coming weeks. I have invested in 6 inform Gervinho cards and 4 inform Abdennour cards as in head to head they have been upgraded so I thought I will make a profit on them as they might get upgrades because of playing well. Do you think that was a good idea, and if so, are there any other informs that I can invest in to make a profit because of them potentially getting an upgrade?

In my opinion it is too risky. There will be just a few new upgrade cards on the end of the month. The chances of being these ones are too low. Will there be skill upgrades like Cuardado 5 star skills like there is on head to head?


Who is most likely to upgraded in the 2nd batch of upgrades? Also, are they going to do A St Pats day tournament again? Almost sure that there will be a St Pats day tournament again. The prices of those cards may have a slight drop. Should I buy some Mcgeady cards as people say he will go up in price for St. Patricks Day Tournament? So I wanted to know if there is another upcoming cup in which I should invest on, and if yes, please tell me the date of the cup. Thank You. You can take a look HERE.

When should i sell my players before TOTS market crash? It is a difficult question. In fact, we believe that his TOTY card should not be affected because it still be the best card but it is difficult to have sure about it. The tots will be release in april , las t year it was in may , you are sure of the date release of the tots. The domestic leagues end earlier. But it could be a good idea. If you want to do it, do it as soon as possible. Who will be in tots?

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And will there be any more upgraded cards or transferred cards? Also will you start doing downgrade cRds. Dozens of players will be on the TOTS. Check THIS please. There will be no more UP cards. Eventually it is possible to get a few more transferred cards. His price is already dropping. The drop will be higher on April 23th, yes. Check THIS. Can I sell my team right now [costs around 1. Last year one week before the first TOTS palyers came out, the players who where even good but nerver Inform cane out. So today the normal TOTW is coming out and not these players.

Check the dates HERE. About the easfc team of the season, for how long will the team be available? Also will there be any big packs? If yes, when is their release? You can check the dates HERE. There will be big packs but the dates were not unveiled.