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In fact, an Obamacare replacement will be hindered by the lack of an EMR standard. Healthcare is a multi-billion dollar industry and all too plentiful EMR choices are thwarting efforts at cost containment, redundancy elimination and advancements for real progress in medical procedure, pharmaceutical and surgical development, not to mention actual delivery of high-quality patient healthcare.

One argument against Apple ever competing in this space is they no longer serve the enterprise except in ancillary or augmentative capacities. An argument against Microsoft throwing their hat in this ring is that creating an EMR standard -- and all it entails -- is just too complex and costly a venture to enter into at this late stage of the game.

EMR For Mac: Best EHR & Medical Billing Software

The final piece of this heavyweight tilt may just be the unexpected. That is, the fight for EMR supremacy between Apple and Microsoft might never come to pass because they end up actually partnering to achieve a mutually beneficial solution in the EMR space. Apple already promotes Apple Watch heavily as a fitness device. Accordingly, it feeds data into systems which mine, filter and regurgitate this info to consumers and healthcare practitioners in a variety of ways -- all in the name of promoting healthy and active lifestyles.

Could Apple continue to play the consumer card it is known for and Microsoft be relied upon to do the heavy lifting on developing an EMR standard of its own?

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  • EMR For Mac: Best EHR & Medical Billing Software.

I think there is room for the possibility of both. Finally, EMRs would have to network easily and effectively with hospital-based equivalents and the very data-feeding consumers that Apple would serve in this scenario. Want to Join?

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    So, to date: Microsoft becomes king of the desktop computer operating system and achieves recognition as business world, word processing and office productivity suite software standard bearer. An EMR contains the medical and treatment history of the patients in one practice. EMRs have advantages over paper records. DrinCloud allows you to create fully customized treatment notes or medical record templates. You will have the possibility to create multiple template forms and then choose the one that fits the most for each patient.

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    While creating the template, you can change the position of any field, add or remove fields, predefine text in some fields so you do not need to write each time the same, images to paint over… anything!. Create your account in just a few seconds. When your free 30 day trial is ending, choose your plan and add your billing details to continue your subscription.