Latest version of firefox for mac 10.3.9

Can't do that, it's all behind a corporate firewall. This new version of FF doesn't seem to want to display the Jmol applet v Quite often the spot for the applet just stays as an empty block.

Ahoy. Your chip’s come in.

Multiple reloads will sometimes get it to display. Safari works just fine under the same circumstances.

The only two changes to the system are the Mac security update of May 24th and the recent FF update to 1. We need to see that to see what error is occurring. No errors reported Bob. It just sits there with an unfilled space for the applet.

  1. TenFourFox: A fork of Mozilla Firefox for the Power Macintosh and Mac OS X Tiger PowerPC.
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In the bottom FF window info bar it says: Applet jmolApplet0 started and that's all that happens. On Tue, June 13, am, rgb I changed the scripts for these production pages to use the I guess I had better keep the production pages at this level now. In one of your Mac directories?

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A great page on helping webmasters become more crossbrowser compatible is Anybrowser. Others include Webstandards. Mac users may be interested in Pure-Mac's Editors - Software for Macintosh for a variety of webpage editors for the Mac Meanwhile if the webmaster doesn't respond, here are links to all the major web browsers for the Mac and tools to make them work more efficiently. In addition to requesting webmasters to make websites more compatible, let the authors of the web browsers know when a website doesn't work.

Below the table below are Java updates. The contact link to the various web browser authors is in the table below next to each web browser:. You can run PC web browsers on the Mac if you use one of these Intel operating systems on the Mac solutions. Note however, any website which requires you use Internet Explorer for Windows is unlikely to be a very secure website, given the number of times such websites have been hacked.

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Java version 7 has had a security flaw which is documented on my tip user tip on Apple's Support Communities. For the Java for Apple has a guide to the latest Java updates on their Technote Database. Any site that uses ActiveX should be criticized for not using an open standard of Java. Java support may be improved I would be careful not to run both at the same time. Similarly with Flash, its security has come into question, and my user tip on Apple's Support Communities discusses how and why.

Mac OS X 10.3.9: Firefox, Mozilla, Camino: Updated, 10.3.9-compliant builds posted

This discussion on Apple Support Communities explains how to install Flash Numerous animations, including some Youtube animations require Flash. Older browsers may be compatible with newer versions of Flash, but possibly not the newest version. Adobe has a Past versions of Flash download page. Also ClicktoFlash allows you to have control over which websites you allow to load Flash.

How to download and install Firefox on Mac

A similar problem to that which exists for web browsers, is that most e-mail programs don't have complete support for web browser standards. As a result, getting HTML e-mail can be problematic at best. Among them there are security, accessibility, and design elements which simply don't render the same way on all e-mails. I neglected to mention yesterday that a new 1. It includes support for the new basic adblock feature. See the TFF development blog for more details. I was forced to update to the last version because my insurance company's website stopped working with v Actually, I installed only uBlock Origin and uMatrix, which help a lot filtering useless crap: certain complex websites load faster than ever 20s less, for the heaviest ones!

All in all, the Mac Mini can still access nearly all the Internet, except for one site that freezes TFF — I wonder if it's the graphic card that is not fast enough or else This time TFF put my G4 on its knees! Back to TFF And having run the same tests I usually do i. In the meantime, I found that the best thing I can do to speed it up is removing AdBlock and Ghostery, they really eat too much cpu on the old G4, and use NoScript to filter out some useless crap on heavy pages.

That Mac Mini being used mainly with a bunch of trusted sites, there's not much to fear about security and the acceleration is noticeable, this way! FPR3: usual tests show more or less the same results as previous Don't believe the absurd bad reviews below! Be careful to pick the right version for your processor and be aware that also Firefox can mess up an old profile it happened to me in the past! The purpose of TFF is not to give you the fastest browser ever but to let you run a nearly up to date browser on your old machines.

As I mentioned in a former review, if you value more speed, stick to version I've done some tests on my G4, including html5test. But when it comes to real life testing, it's another story: v38 takes 6s more to launch, and every site I've tried is slower from 1 to 10s more, depending on the site's complexity.

I haven't done those tests on the latest version but I can believe it would be even slower, hence the only 4 stars I give. So, be sure to test the latest version on a fresh profile on a well maintained computer. Out of curiosity, and to wipe out the bad reviews below, I've just done on v And sometimes even after having cleaned the cache! My Mac Mini is 1.

I had some success with the earlier versions of Tenfoxfour but after installing After opening the updated browser my computer functions all failed -- I could move the mouse around but as soon as I clicked anywhere the spinning ball of death came on and would not go away. I tried rebooting and now my OS will not load.

It gets to the Apple graphic and the load wheel just spins and spins. I've tried zapping the PRAM and starting with the shift key down with no luck. Now I need to dig out all the alternative key combos and try again No more Tenfoxfour for me. Show more. Go to reviews App requirements:. Developer Website:.