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Trial Version Purchase Software. Advanced building tools for roofs, foundations and framing make the design process easy. As you draw walls, the program creates a 3D model. When you place a door or window, it is inserted into the wall and the program automatically updates the framing. When you move walls, the roof and foundation are also updated. Every item you add into the design is included in a list of materials so you can cost estimate and budget your home project. Remodeling a kitchen or bath? Cabinets are smart objects that snap, bump and form to walls.

You will find a large selection of cabinet types.

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Quickly change colors and styles with the Material Painter to visualize design options. Its professional architectural software line offers products for full residential design.

For home renovation projects—updating a master bath, modernizing your home's interior, or building a deck—you will find a space planning assistant to help you lay out your floor plan. Our 3D Library has thousands of paints, materials and furnishings to make the interior design match your exact needs. Design your projects in both 2D and 3D! Chief Architect provides the highest quality software, live customer support without charge and the very best resources for learning in the industry.

Redecorate Your Way. Create a New Family Living Space. Up-to-Date and Energy Eficient.

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Renovate and Renew. Product Features.

What's NEW Resize and rotate objects in place with the help of special handles. Room tool helps to draw a complete room, which can be attached to any part of the house. New Flip options are added to the Object Properties tab of the Inspector. Wall drawing tool for complicated projects with round walls. Smart Dimension tool helps to set the distance between underlying objects or walls. Materials can be applied to objects or surfaces right on a floor plan.

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New advanced technique for non-destructive union and subtraction of intersecting building elements openings, wall panels, floors, etc. Improved Shadow Map technique boosts program performance and makes shadows look soft and natural. Achieve natural lighting by setting up true Geo position, daytime and overcast. Improved Object and Material libraries.

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Touch Bar support. Significantly improved the program performance. Added ability to create arch segments for the contour based building elements. Help Instructor added for easier program learning. Flexible workspace allows to attach and detach both Library and Inspector panels. Vector-based hatch patterns. Redesigned Project Gallery with house projects and sample rooms.

Added support for Sketchup models. Versions and Autosave support. Powerful Home Design Features Intelligent Walls: Easily draw interior and exterior walls that atomatically connect and repair. Doors: Choose from a library of different styles. Customize size, color and materials. Windows: Just click along a wall to insert windows. Then use the inspector to modify dimensions and materials.

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Flexible Interior Design Features Replace Paint and Fabric: Point and click to try out new paint, wallpapers and fabrics on any wall or surface. Complete Kitchen and Bath Design Appliance Library: Refrigerators, ovens, ranges and more Versatile Materials Collection: Customize the look of any object or surface from a library of paints, stains, stone, tiles, metals and more. Cabinets: Insert new cabinets, then customize materials and colors. Sinks, showers and baths And Much More! Accurate Natural Lighting: Visualize your home's interior at different times of day.

Easy Zoom and Navigation. Go Green! Tips to conserve energy and save money on your utility bills And Much More! Get Started Fast. Room Additions and Makeovers.