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I dont know whether he got it from the chat platform or an internet link that I sent him but we didnt share any folders. Even tho he has my ip adress,what are the chances for him to find my folders and personal information like e mail,facebook,instagram etc? Can he establish a connection to my modem and thus to my personal pc through my ip adress? As the article states there is very little anyone can tell from your IP number other than your internet service provider and your general location which cam be off by up to several hundred kilometers.

I made a little investigation.

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  • There is a progrqm called nmap which allows you to find open ports to exploit with the help of ip. When you write the users ip in the program it demonstrates the open ports to sneak into.

    Setup Android STB Emulator for IPTV

    So i fear that the person got into my modem and system along with it? I neeed any assistance i can get. Thank you for your time. Anyone can get your IP address. It shows up in emails you send, and is actually available to the server that hosts this forum. It would be very easy for the website with the game you are playing to make that information public. There is no reason to keep it private. As Leo mentions in this article, very little can be found about you from your IP address.

    Since I do not posses very much knowledge in the computer-field I think I am being paranoid. I thought he was able to get into my personal pc through my ip adress and be able to extract information out of it and hack my social media accounts etc. So its not possible even though that guy has expertise in hacking right?

    Can people really use your IP address to find out what websites you visit? For example someone like your friends and people you know? Like for example on pornhub…could i get the list of all ip addresses that visit this page and therefore confirm if someone is watching porn by knowing their ip address? Other carriers make similar claims. What is my liability as a subscriber if some unknown Optimum user accesses the hotspot on my router to do something illegal? Can the authorities come looking for me because the IP address traces back to my home?

    And if so, how can I prove that I was not the perpetrator? Those are all questions you need to take up with your ISP. Or a lawyer. Not something I can answer, sorry. Does my ip show to my viber friends in any way? Also, if I send sb a file , can they later find a way to access all my other files from my device? However, as mentioned in this article, very little can be found out about a person from their IP address.

    It says this:.

    MAG converter to M3U - IPTV Community

    If no password is used just type the Username. That would work only if the stars aligned properly. Most routers, in particular, are protected from such a breach. I was on a chat site at my house and someone was able to tell what city I was in.

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    But that was ok because I understand they know the city. But they found out who my boss was and where I worked. I dont use this computer for work or anything. I used my work computer on occasion here but I did not even have it with me on that day. This freaks me out.

    It would depend on the chat service you were using, and what sort of information you share. For instance, if you log into the chat through your Facebook chat and are chatting with people who are your friends, then they will be able to see everything in your Facebook page. If you use your real name, and if your business has a website that lists your name, then they could simply find you on Google.

    So there are lots of ways that another user could find information. Hi is it possible for law infocment to get an ip address from a Facebook page. Not a profile just a page people like.

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    Also can the identifie what type of mobile ph you are using. Hi Leo, Recently a colleague said to me that there are some marketing database that are able to provide data about what webpage a IP address visited. In other words that you are able to track what a particular IP visited in a specific time frame. If this is possible, could you please provide some additional details about this option?

    Even for posting this comment I know from which IP you came. Hi Leo, quick question. Im staying at a major US brand hotel chain initially here in Cancun, Mex solo traveller. It kept looping back, each time I entered name and for 1 day, it repeated the loop.

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    He was in attire, so hopefully, all is fine. But Im feeling uneasy after reading abt so many scams here. Make sure that you are using a compatible version of the plugin it should be 1. Vader also includes catch up and recording so you can re-watch shows that aired previously. Currently EPG is not working for the last 2 weeks. The epg is very nice, and unlike set tv, their is detailed program information on almost all channels. EPG electronic programming guide lets you search out what is on now and 7 days in advance.

    Now you have an STB experience without buying a Mag box. The STB emulator can be a bit finicky so if you get any errors try exiting and rebooting, or uninstalling the app and reinstalling, as you can see from the screenshots it definitely works and should do for you with some patience.

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