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Does anyone have a Rider 2 for two wheels?? Thanks AJ. Cannot create and account, just comes up with server error time after time after time. Could someone explain to me if there are any big features missing compared to the XP version? It's ugly, it's not nearly as feature rich as the Windows version, but at least it's much more functional than previous versions.

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I can do a successful backup, install and delete files from my ONE. It's still clunky, the interface feels like it was done by a junior college dropout, but at least it works somewhat. Boo Hiss - it doesn't work any better. Now, rather than explaining that it doesn't work, it just gives the spinning beachball of death, requiring a force quit. Still no mapshare updates either Top notch developing this is!

The best GPS finally has working stable Mac software. Don't like the app's interface must be made by a pc nerd , but everything is there. Unlike the GPS itself, which has a superb interface. Well, it's better than the old version, which was well outdated even last year. This Version, 2. Still no computer control of my TomTom ONE LE, just an error that says "this feature is not supported by your device or operating system If they can't figure out how to make the computer-gps control work out, they should make it possible to password protect the gps from within.

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Some of the new Home program works, but more often than not, the updater fails. Also on the main home page, it tells me that my MapShare updates are out of date which they are , however it won't let me update the MapShare corrections.

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It directs me to the update page, which after a minute says that everything is up to date. To date, I've never gotten any mapshare correction updates! I was therefore pleased to see this appear. While others have encountered problems, I have to report that the Mac version appears now to be quasi on par with the Windows version at least for a TomTom Go I have been using the Windows version until now under VMware, which worked well enough.

On my quick revire, the Mac version now does all that the Windows one including a working with the latest maps, 2 working for Mapshare and 3 ability to operate my TomTom Go from the computer.

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The last functionality does not apparently work for another poster here. Perhaps he has a different TomTom machine to me. I should say that using this function in the Mac version seems possibly a little buggier than the Windows version. I got error messages before getting it to work and I have the impression that clicking on things sometimes does not react properly.

That said, all up, a good upgrade for me. I have run a backup and hope not to have to fire up VMWare to update my TomTom in the future but keeping my Windows backup, just in case.

After 5mins playing with it the positives are that it seems quite snappy and most things are as the pc version. I can't say I like much the way it suggests adding music. It justs opens the music folder on the tomtom and tells you to drag and drop. The one thing though that is still missing that pc users have had for along time is the ability to operate your tom tom from the computer.

Clicking on the 'operate my tomtom' gives up the message 'this function is not yet supprted on your tomtom device or os' Get your finger out. I'd write to tech support but the form on the website doesn't work and hasn't for months. Fill yer boots! I've had a for about two years. Apart from the terrible terrible 'the customer is always wrong' tech support and the tomtom sending me in the wrong direction and then telling me half an hour later to do a uturn and the month wait to get my back after the motherboard failed and the three screen mounts that I've gone through I'm downloading v2 tom tom home now and hoping it gives me somewhere close to the functionality windoze users have had since day one.

A week ago I bought the maps only to find that v2 is needed to install them. Tomtom treats mac users like the shit on their shoes. Bear this in mind before you by a Tomtom. Apparently TomTom's support has turned a new leaf. Though the Home application is still a work-in-progress, at least it continues to be improved. Give 'em a break. New technology tends to take time to work out the kinks. From what I can tell they are steadily dealing with the issues and have not turned their backs on the Mac community as so many PC-Windozer geeks.

Still 1. You need version 2.

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So where's the Mac port of the current version? Roll on the GPS-enabled iPhone At first I got a white screen when plugging it in, so I reset the unit with the button on the bottom. Now the unit mounts in finder and the HOME software can see the unit, but it detects it as the wrong model! At least I can manually go in and add voices etc. I am going to have to install windows on VMWare to sync this thing. I've been using a TomTom Go Plus for 2.


The software is crappy, the user interface is flakey, and the maps are terrible. I've upgraded maps twice, and the TomTom still does crazy things like take me miles in the wrong direction only to tell me to do a U turn and go all the way back to continue in the reverse direction from where I started. Seriously, this has happened numerous times. I'm fed up and planning to get a Garmin Nuvi for my next trip. Oh, and TomTom customer service is for all intents and purposes non-existent.

They're only responsive when it it comes time to take your money for new maps. This is one of the worst companies and products I've dealt with. Stay clear. I have a tomtom one. I am going to Italy tomorrow so am trying to download and install the western Europe maps for it. I am tearing my hair out here. Thanks for your very easy to use Tip! If you want to send me a map, I'll have a look at it and see if I can get anything that makes sense out of it.

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If I can, then I'll try and bum a device off of someone and load it. You can contact me on osx at penguinpowered dot org. If you have any luck, please post it here as a Tip. Garmin is supposedly going to release OS X software this spring, but I'm not holding my breath What a bunch of buttheads.

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Equinux was providing a perfectly good Mac interface app for the TomTom devices, and got cease-and-desisted for their trouble so TomTom could tell Mac users "Find a friend with a Windows machine" and call that providing support? Strange to read this. I Also have a TomTom and have been able to do almost everything, including adding and removing maps with the provided application on the Install CD of tomtom.

I have no access to the CD's at this moment, but think there is also an option in the file menu to load map data to install, even when it is not in the list of available maps on the CD-ROM. I'll check out later. Could also be that I have a newer version of the software. My tomtom is only a few months old. Me too - I have the option to install or remove maps. You can download the March upgrade to version 5. That's interesting, because when I tried to follow this procedure a while ago it took so long to transfer the maps by HotSync that the transfer timed out, and the last time it timed out my 1GB SD card was fried, so the experiment cost me a hundred bucks.

Posted on Aug 9, AM. Page content loaded. From the Tomtom webiste it appears to you to download and install an update to your Tomtom software on the computer:. Back to search results. Aug 9, AM.

Further More, Tomtom Home does not recognize my device is connected, and required me to manually put in its storage files downloads, copy to etc. I have tried to work through TomTom and they have been no help. They do not appear to know that their web interface puts users in an infinite back-and-forth loop and that thier desktop software doesnt work at all in mountain lion. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software multiple times and also restored my TomTom but to no avail.