Mac mini fusion drive benchmark

Lab Tests: Pushing a Fusion Drive to its limits

Upgrading to a Fusion Drive would mean that your iMac would start up in seconds rather than minutes, you can expect files to be faster to open, apps to launch quicker, and fewer instances of the dreaded spinning beach ball. For example, we tested the 2. We also saw for ourselves that startup times were worlds apart. Not every Mac has the option of a Fusion Drive.

However, if you are looking for an iMac, chances are it will either ship with a Fusion Drive as standard, or you will be able to add the Fusion Drive as a build to order option when you purchase the machine. Some people have experienced problems with their Fusion Drive.

Fusion Drive - Wikipedia

Apple also gives advice for how to fix a split Fusion Drive here. Despite the name, it's actually two drives working in a special arrangement. Apple bills it as providing the high capacity of a hard drive with the performance of flash storage, in a way that has no impact on how you work and store things. Pure SSD configurations remain an option on some Macs, but they're still costly for their capacities.

Hence Apple's attempt to find a compromise between speed and capacity. In fact, Apple sells Fusion Drive short by listing only the hard drive component's capacity and omitting that of the SSD. A substantial amount of what you're paying covers the fitting of the SSD, and the configuration of the two drives to work together.

Putting Fusion Drive’s Performance in Perspective

There's no setup process on your part. Nor do they work like hybrid drives, available on PCs for several years, despite their similar makeup.

A hybrid drive's flash portion acts as a cache, but that's all it is: a cache. A copy of everything is on the hard drive.

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A Fusion Drive's components appear as a single volume in the Finder, with their capacities merged. I included a link that explains how to set up fusion, so why are you confused? Yes, you don't need to drive on the right hand side of the road too, but it's a lot safer when you do! What I said it was just smarter when you do! If you loose connection between the two you'll have a mess!

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You should look a little closer - I wasn't responding to your post alone here. You read the other comment as being yours, it wasn't. I really don't think the analogy is apt, but I do see the source of confusion now and I apologize.

As for the external fusion drive, given that no one makes a fusion thunderbolt enclosure, my solution is a good one, since they should always daisy chained. This is a Mac mini so the problem is minor here.

Unboxing the Late-2012 Mac mini + Fusion Drive Upgrade!

If you do happen to loose the connector the drive goes offline like any other and if only one comes back it will ask you if want to repair errors. You always say no!

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This is due to the fact that disk utility doesn't talk to core storage. I believe my solution was elegant albeit expensive but I now have a 3. It took me awhile to figure this out and I highly recommend it to anyone with a similar issue.

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  • Show 2 more comments. Owen Cunneely therepairgenius. You would get better performance if everything was running of an SSD on your mini, however, with that being said, Apple's SSDs are extremely fast.

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    There is also the problem of setting it up. If you get a Mac Mini with a Fusion drive, the whole thing will be set up to run together and store files properly. If you choose to install your own SSD, you will still have to configure the fusion drive through the terminal and it still may not be compatible.