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That wasn't a given: I mostly avoided its predecessor, Office , which was slow and not only lacked the Ribbon but had a floating-palette interface I actively disliked. For some people, the fact that Microsoft-a company who has been known to deride Apple's customers as trendy spendthrifts -still makes Office for the Mac is apparently hard to reconcile. Microsoft's press site has a story that seems designed both to reassure Apple fans that Microsoft loves them and Microsoft fans that it doesn't love Apple fans that much.

One of the fascinating things about Office for Mac is that it isn't really the same product as Windows incarnation of Office at all. It's created by a Mac-specific group within Microsoft that isn't part of the Office team, and which seems to be authorized to go its own merry way. Office , for instance, came out a year after Office for Windows, yet it pretty much spurned the Office Ribbon-it did hint at it in a roundabout way-even though Microsoft had been busy pitching it as a much-needed revolution.

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Office , on the other hand, has a Ribbon. I say "a Ribbon" because it's not the Ribbon from Office for Windows. The two versions have different tabs, different icons arranged differently-they're just different.

When Microsoft shipped Office , it explained that it wasn't technically feasible to retain traditional menus and toolbars, at least as an option. Well, Office still has menus and toolbars-in fact, there's no way to get rid of the menus, and both the old-style toolbars and the Ribbon are turned on by default, leading to an odd user interface with multiple levels of redundancy. You can turn off the toolbar or the Ribbon-or both, for that matter-but you can't make the interface look anything like its Windows cousin.

I'm not even going to address the fact that the Office Web Apps have a third variant of the Ribbon interface. I attended an Office workshop in which Microsoft staffers explained how user research taught them that the Ribbon needed to be less visually cluttered than the original version, which is why the edition removed the outlines from icons. The developers of Office appear to have ignored this research. With Mac apps, the assumption is always that users want interfaces that are "Mac-like" rather than warmed-over Windows.

Microsoft's press story touches on this. That certainly explains some of the disparity between the Offices, but not all of it.

Microsoft Announces Office 2011 for Mac

So Boot Camp is only convenient for those who are going to occasionally be switching between the two OSes. Anyone who switches back and forth more frequently may want a different solution that would allow them to run Windows XP and Mac OS X side-by-side, at the same time. The simplest such solution is a virtual machine. Those emulators generally worked in a window inside OS X and enabled the users to do things like copy text between the two OSes. But most importantly, they could run and use Windows applications without ever logging out of OS X.

Performance under emulators like Virtual PC was very slow, making them frustrating to use.

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Parallels, Inc. The new Workstation 2. You can get a 15 MB download of a free trial from www. Ctrl-clicking acted as a right mouse button and all of the function keys worked. Parallels' Workstation also comes with a set of tools that installs within Windows to enable additional functionality, such as a clipboard synchronization tool. The sync tool allows users to copy from applications in one OS and paste into the other.

The VM uses one of the cores while the other core handles processing in the host OS. Parallels Workstation can run multiple instances of Windows and Linux in separate virtual machines.

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Performance All in all, the performance was surprisingly good. See www. The problems listed in this column are minor and can probably be resolved with better drivers. Boot Camp and Parallels' Workstation 2. These applications are both good transition tools on the road to using multiple OSes on a single platform. She can be reached at trumors hal-pc. Preface to Microsoft Office Review. Mobile Office S Card Scanner. Magic Wand: A real portable scanner. CounterSpy 3: Malware Protection at its best. Keep It Clean!

Diskeeper at your service. Icon Clutter? Be a Groupie! An Icon Groupie, that is.

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