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Just open the same file in Marked and your favorite editor, and Marked will start rendering previews as you write. You can even make your own! Marked works with any processor not just Markdown and supports, well, everything.

4 simple steps how to create a table of contents in PDF:

Marked 2 is the result of hundreds of hours of working to bring you the ultimate writing tool. It has the latest version of MultiMarkdown built in, with the option to render using Discount. Marked has both pre-processor and processor options. Marked 2 detects changes and updates faster than ever. It works with a folder full of notes or a structured book project in nested folders. It even watches embedded images for changes and refreshes them on the fly.

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You can also link to a Word document, an Excel workbook, a file, or an email address. You can link to different places in a presentation. A hyperlinked custom show is a quick way to navigate to other custom shows from your primary presentation. You can also create a table of contents slide to link from. Designing your presentation this way allows you to navigate from the table of contents slide to different sections of your presentation, so that you can choose which sections to show to your audience at a particular time.

The following instructions explain how to create one or more custom shows, and then add a hyperlink from the primary presentation to the custom shows.

How to compress PDF files using Preview App on OS X and macOS?

For more information, see Create, edit, or remove a hyperlink. Under Slides in presentation , click the slides that you want to include in the custom show, and then click Add. Type a name in the Slide show name box, and then click OK. To create additional custom shows from any slides in your presentation, repeat steps 2 through 6. To create a hyperlink from the primary presentation to a supporting custom show, in your presentation, select the text or object that you want to represent the hyperlink.

You can also create a table of contents and hyperlink from each text entry as a way to navigate through your custom show. To do so, insert a new slide into your presentation, type a table of contents, and then link from each entry. In the Action Settings dialog box, select how to initiate the action by doing one of the following:.

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  2. Use the *|MC:TOC|* merge tag.
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  4. Insert a table of contents into a word-processing document, format the text, and add leader lines.
  5. Pages for Mac: Create a table of contents in a Pages document!
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Click Hyperlink to , and then on the pop-menu, click Custom Show. Under Custom Shows , select the custom show you want to link to.

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To return to the slide that you started the custom show from after the custom show plays, select the Show and return check box. This option is helpful if you have a slide that serves as a table of contents to custom shows. In an Excel worksheet, you can create a hyperlink to a Web page, another document, an email address, or a specific place within the Excel worksheet.

Click the Insert tab, and then click Hyperlink.

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  • The 3-Minute Fix For Broken Word Table of Contents Links.
  • Click the Web Page or File tab, and then enter an address in the Address box. Click the This Document tab, type a cell reference or select a place in the document, and then click OK. Click the Email Address tab, enter an email address or choose from recently used email addresses, and then click OK. In an Excel worksheet, you can create a hyperlink to another Office document, a Web page, or an email address. You can add a cell or an object as a hyperlink that opens a range with a defined name or a specific cell reference in an Excel workbook.

    You can also link to a Word document, a PowerPoint presentation, a file, or an email address. Hold down the mouse button for at least two seconds on the cell that contains the hyperlink, and then release the button. Select all cells on the sheet by clicking the Select All triangle at the upper-left corner of the sheet grid. On the Edit menu, point to Clear , and then click Hyperlinks.

    Which Office program are you using?

    On the Edit menu, point to Clear , and then click Contents. You are correct in that the workflow you described will not produce links in the resulting PDF files. The steps that Lori outlined work great if you're working on Office for Windows in terms of getting the links to work when converting using the CreatePDF service. In order to make this work on the Mac, you'll have to take a few extra steps within Office first.

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    • You're going to have to repeat this step for each item in your TOC. While this will be time-consuming for a page document, it will work. As I said, this will probably be time-consuming on such a large document, but it will work.

      Unfortunately Office for Mac just simply isn't as full-featured as its Windows counterpart. Thanks for the suggestion but rather irrelevant. The blog refers to Word for Windows; Word for Mac, especially Word , does not have the functions described and illustrated in the blog. This said, there may be a way to achieve what the blog describes in Word for Mac. A preliminary quick test revealed however that hyperlinks are still not preserved after conversion to PDF. And, at any rate, what that solution suggests is to eliminate page numbers altogether from the TOC, keeping only the titles and have hyperlinks behind the titles.

      That is unfortunately not what I need : I need a TOC with page numbers for printed copies of the document and clickable hyperlinks behind the page numbers for users who read the document on their computers, iPads, eReaders, and so on.

      Creating a Table of Contents (Word 2011 for Mac)