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Everything is geometrical with few if any textures, resulting in a game with very low system requirements. What is a game created for iOS even doing here?

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Expecting to find an overly simplified game that would bore me after 5 minutes, Asphalt 6 was a pleasant surprise. Developer Gameloft did a good job bringing this game to MacOS, with improved graphics and gameplay, while keeping everything that made it such a fan-favorite on iOS. Asphalt 6 is easy to get into, fast, loud, and just good old fun. The game features a huge selection of cars and motorcycles, plenty of different tracks, and intense music. Want to chill and just enjoy yourself? Leave the simulations for another day and launch Asphalt 6. The other big advantage of this game is performance.

Because of its iOS heritage, the system requirements are low enough that even older MacBooks should be able to handle it. Distance is an arcade racer filled with insane tracks and flying cars. The drool-worthy futuristic graphics alone would make the game worth it, but the gameplay is even better. Cars can use parkour-style stunts to get through laser fields, spike attacks and more. You can also drive upside down, on buildings, walls and even fly to discover shortcuts.

With online multiplayer for up to 12 players and split-screen, Distance promises hours of fun. This is not the case with Distance. The game runs great on MacOS and playing the game on Medium settings was nice and smooth. Even our inch MBP did a reasonably smooth Back in the good old days of pixelated gaming, there was one game to rule them all: Road Rash. It was violent and intense. It was glorious. But that was back in and we had to wait a long time until someone finally delivered a worthy successor: Road Redemption. This action racing game is about leading your motorcycle gang on an epic journey across the country.

Road Redemption rounds things up with a fun multiplayer mode where you can either work with your friends or against them. Up to you. The game looks good, even on medium settings, but that comes at a price.

This is a relatively demanding game that can be taxing on older machines, especially models with integrated graphics. During our tests, our inch MBP barely managed If you have anything older than that, you may have to lower the settings a lot more. The sequel to Audiosurf, Audiosurf 2 is a rhythm game that focuses on music.

In fact, it uses your very own music library to create a unique experience. You will have to navigate it using your levitating vehicle while collecting blocks that appear in sync with the music.

EA Origin digital game download platform hits Mac OS X | T3

The game has over player-created mods and skins on Steam Workshop, in-game leaderboards, enhanced graphics and the ability to search for music. Audiosurf 2 also introduced a wakeboarding mode that lets you distort the songs, jump, and pull off tricks. Audiosurf 2 is a game that goes for stylish graphics instead of realism. Because of this, AudioSurf 2 can look good while having low system requirements.

The Sims 4 FREE Origin Download: How to claim a free game for PC and Mac TODAY

Our inch MBP did We had a hard time limiting the greatest racing games to a Top 10 list. With so many fine games released each year, some had to be left out. These games are high-quality and fun and I would recommend them in a heartbeat which is why they deserve to be mentioned. We have also included some decent free Mac racing games out.

Games have a largely subjective aspect to them. You may love some games while I might prefer completely different ones. This is why we identified a set of criteria that every single one of our picks has to meet:. Native support: This should go without saying, but each and every one of the games mentioned here has to be officially supported on MacOS and does not require Bootcamp or Wine. However, they never acknowledge MacOS gaming. This is why our focus is always on the Mac performance of the games listed here. We test every one of our picks on the following machines:.

And for reference, this is how we interpret the results:. For these tests, we used either a PS4 controller or a wired Xbox controller. Critical acclaim : Video games can be subjective, but to keep this guide as relevant as possible, we only consider proven games with positive reviews from both professional reviewers and average gamers.

Pricing : We all want quality, but pricing also plays an important role. The growth of iOS and Mac devices, though, means we're starting to see gamers demand to play their games on devices that are becoming more prominent. I think, across the board, developers have focused on the PC platform, but I think you're going to start seeing some changes there.

It requires OS X Top Rated Comments View all. This will never be installed on my machine.

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You had me at "EA". Nobody likes EA, but if this is what it takes to get better Mac support from a big publisher, then I'm all for it. Sim City is coming.

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Maybe we'll get Battlefield 4. Either way, this can only be a good thing.

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I mean, ideally EA would ditch Origin and get friendly with Steam, but that isn't going to happen. I just think that when a big gaming company sees a vocal community and rising marketshare and decides to invest in the Mac, then it's cause for celebration. Just wondering, what has EA done that makes everyone hate it so much? My name is Vivek how may I help you?

If I do this, will my user license allow me to play the Mac version when it comes out? So will my license allow for play on Windows and Mac? Vivek: You should be able to play the game on MAC. Vivek: Yes. Is there any more news on a release date for the Mac version? Vivek: Sam, I'm sorry we don't have any infomation about this at the moment. Hardly shocking, or worthy of the spyware moniker.

This strikes me as simple paranoia. I'm much more interested in what the software actually does.

Origin Now Available For Mac

Why not fire one up and actually see? Despite what some here claim, there are major tech sites who would be all over the story if EA was really stealing all your bookmarks, emails, and contacts. User rating User Rating 8.