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Can a macbook run this game. User Info: Top Voted Answer.

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Why yes it will. You can simply change a directory.

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General-purpose computers are terrible for creativity [Opinion]. Leave a comment. Posted in: How-To , News , Top stories Tagged: It's not until you get into the game where complications start to arise. First and foremost, many Apple mice and touchpads do not have a right-click feature.

Playing Aion on Your Mac

Newer models are much better about this, but older computers often lack them. Aion loves using the right-click for various features, so if you don't have that ability, you'll want to get at least a two-button mouse. You may also want to consider one if you're using a multi-touch pad. Even with the 1. Sure, it'll let you use it for right-clicking, but you can't do things such as rotate the camera and trying zoom is hyper-sensitive, causing the slightest motion to throw you into first person or birds-eye view.

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Once you're in-game with your shiny new character, you may find yourself having to adjust your keys as the first thing you do. Mac laptops are lacking buttons such as "Page Up", which Aion uses for some of its more important features, namely flight. Luckily, you can adjust these without problem. However, since you can't save your keyboard scheme as a default, you'll have to do this on every single new character you create, which is a nuisance for those of us used to having all of our options and key settings pre-loaded.

Aion running on Macbook pro by bootcamp

On the bright side, this is a fairly minor issue on its own and Windows users who like adjusting keys aren't immune. The most noticeable issue with Aion is cinematic cutscenes.

My Windows-using friend reports that they work just fine for her. However, in my case, I was suffering from stuttering and choppy audio throughout any cinematic, leading to the audio getting slightly out of synch or skipping. On worse occasions, the video would suffer the same trouble as well, resulting in something that resembled a movie with a badly scratched DVD. Fortunately, everywhere else in Aion this is not an issue.

Gameplay and in-game cutscenes run smooth as silk. And, on the bright side, a thousand or so people will post the cutscenes on YouTube, so you won't have to miss out on them entirely if you're determined to see them.

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